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  • At our breakfast on Oct 17th Tammy Van Wisse had people laughing, crying and shaking their heads in amazement. Her anecdotes about her incredible achievements and how they relate to goal setting in business gave us all lots to think about.

    Down to earth, warm and engaging, Tammy had us all enthralled as she related her many achievements including crossing Bass Strait and swimming the entire length of the Murray River – which took 105 days!

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    on 22 Oct 2014 4:33 PM
  • A recent internet discussion on the recommendation in the British HSE document ‘HSG 53 'Respiratory Protective Equipment at Work - a practical guide’ for a maximum of 1 hour continuous wear time for any un-powered RPE raised some interesting points. Several people in the occupational hygiene or allied fields commented to the effect that no-one should offer an opinion unless they had “walked a mile in the shoes” of workers required to do this.

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    on 14 Oct 2014 3:37 AM
  • OHS equipment suppliers indicate that hearing protection remains an important control measure in the fight against noise induced hearing loss. The increase in availability and affordability of equipment like powered hand tools with very noisy two stroke petrol powered engines to replace almost every physical activity has increased the need for effective hearing protection for traditionally quiet work such as sweeping and plant trimming.

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    on 14 Oct 2014 1:56 AM
  • It’s not long until November which means Movember is about to kick off. Movember is more than just about men growing moustaches. It’s about raising the awareness of men’s health issues and giving men the opportunities and confidence to learn about taking action to improve their health. So, why the fuss about men’s health?


    Well - the evidence is quite stark. Did you know that:

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    on 14 Oct 2014 1:42 AM