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  • Did you know that Construction workers are among the most affected by industrial deafness? Safe Work Australia research shows that the construction industry is the third noisiest industry sector.

    Many of the workers are surprised at this result, particularly when they may have considered it to be a ‘Quiet’ Day during which they only conducted the occasional noisy activity. However the meaning of a ‘Quiet’ Day to a Tradie is somewhat different to somebody who works in an Office.

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    on 07 Aug 2015 4:16 PM
  • In Australia, asbestos products were used in the construction industry from the 1940’s to the late 1980s, and in the production of plant and car parts up until 2003. In some overseas countries, asbestos is still being made and can be found in some imported products.

    Inhalation of Asbestos fibres can lead to a range of diseases including asbestosis and mesothelioma. Asbestosis causes scaring of the lungs while mesothelioma is a cancer of the lung linings and can take a long period to develop after exposure.

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    on 07 Aug 2015 3:32 PM
  • According to this year’s Tradie National Health Month, “Nearly a quarter of all roofers, labourers and plumbers experience back pain, muscle stress and strain from lifting equipment or slips, trips, and falls when handling materials”.

    The Australian Physiotherapist Association (APA) states that there is a substantial number of tradies who suffer severe and debilitating back pain due to musculoskeletal disorders (MSD's), in which some cases are highly preventable.

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    on 07 Aug 2015 2:28 PM