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  • 2018 Flu Vaccination Program

    Plan Ahead – Save Money + Downtime

    We know that the last thing on your mind at the moment is winter and the flu. But did you know that Australia recorded one of the worst flu seasons in 2017 with 21/2 times more cases than the year before? The flu can have a detrimental effect on an entire workplace. Don’t let flu ravage your workplace in 2018.

  • The deadly Grenfell tower fire in London is a grim warning for Australia. In October, Four Corners revealed that Australian suppliers were aware of the risks associated with using polyethylene (PE) cladding on high-rise buildings, but they continued to import and sell it. Now the Victorian Cladding Taskforce has released an interim report with tough recommendations. Could your building be at risk?
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    on 07 Dec 2017 2:18 PM
  • WorkSafe Victoria recently added 22 new Inspectors whilst 3 new Inspectors have been added by WorkSafe in the ACT. The bottom line is that each State in Australia has a regulating body who manages compliance of the WHS/OHS laws and an Inspector could visit your workplace at any time. The question is, are you ready for them?
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    on 07 Dec 2017 2:11 PM
  • Technology is constantly evolving and plays an integral part in transforming the way we all work. It’s also being used for the successful management of health and safety in an organisation and there’s no doubt that it has reduced health and safety incidents. At JTA we are actively embracing technology to improve the way we conduct business as well as to improve the service we provide to our customers. Two projects have significantly changed the way we work and could be of interest and benefit to your business.
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    on 07 Dec 2017 1:38 PM