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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an Instant Drug and Alcohol Test take to complete?
Instant Urine/Saliva Drug and Alcohol Testing takes approximately 10 – 15 minutes per employee to complete

What are the turnaround times for confirmatory testing?
JTA has existing relationships with NATA Accredited Drug Testing Laboratories which means that all confirmatory testing meets the relevant Australian Standards and the results we provide you with are legally defensible. The turnaround time for confirmatory testing results is 24-48 hours once the specimen is received.

What is the process for alcohol testing if a positive reading is identified?

What form of identification is required by the employee?
JTA requires photographic identification upon testing.  In the event that photographic identification cannot be provided, JTA requests that the employees line manager and/or designated site representative confirm the identity of the individual, providing a written statement to this affect.

How are non-negative results processed?
In the event of a non-negative drug screen, JTA’s Drug and Alcohol Screener will ensure that all relevant forms are completed.  The JTA Screener will then proceed to collect a specimen sample, saliva or urine as per your company’s needs.  Chain of custody will be maintained with respect to the sample, packaging, records and transportation of the non-negative specimen to JTA’s NATA certified laboratory for confirmation testing.