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JTA On-Site Flu Vaccination Program

Experience has shown us that the more accessible a flu vaccination is, the more likely people are to get vaccinated. That’s why JTA brings our Flu Vaccination Program directly to your workplace. 

Click here for 2021 Flu Vaccine Information Read our FAQs on Flu Vaccinations

An annual flu vaccination program is the single most effective measure available to prevent the flu impacting your workplace.

How Our Onsite Flu Vaccination Program Saves You Money

* The Department of Health recommends that the preferred minimum interval between the flu vaccination and a COVID vaccination is 14 days.You do not need to let this hold up your Workplace Flu Vaccination Program as we can supply vouchers that staff can use when it suits them. 

Why Do I Need To Vaccinate My Staff Every Year?

A flu vaccination is needed every season for two reasons:



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