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Spirometry Testing plays a critical role in the screening and management of workers at risk of occupational lung disease from hazardous materials. JTA’s trained and skilled technicians provide on-site Spirometry Testing using equipment and methods that comply with the latest standards and guidelines.

Spirometry Testing

How JTA Can Help

Quick and with minimal disruption, JTA’s Spirometry Testing only takes around 10 minutes per employee. The results are reviewed and the findings interpreted and provided in a confidential report together with practical recommendations.  If required, a referral will be made for clinical diagnostic testing.

What Is Spirometry Testing?

Spirometry is used to diagnose asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other conditions that affect breathing. A Spirometry Test (also known as a Workplace Lung Function Test)   assesses how well the lungs work by measuring:

The Benefits

Your Duty in Relation to Spirometry Testing

The WHS Regulations place specific duties on employers to provide health monitoring to workers who use hazardous chemicals, including workers who are exposed to lead and asbestos. You must provide health monitoring to all workers using, handling, generating or storing hazardous chemicals or where there is a significant risk to health because of exposure to a scheduled chemical or asbestos.
Safe Work Australia’s document “Health Monitoring for Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals” (2013) lists Spirometry Testing as an approved health monitoring tool.


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