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It is estimated that 62% of people who misuse alcohol and other drugs at harmful levels are in full-time employment. Studies show that employees who engage in drug and/or heavy alcohol use are less productive than their sober co-workers and cost Australian workplaces $6 billion per year in lost productivity - can your organisation afford the cost?

An employee under the influence of drugs or alcohol can put everyone in the workplace in danger.  Making Drug and Alcohol Testing a part of your ongoing OHS management program can help ensure a drug free and safe workplace.

How JTA Can Help

JTA onsite Drug and Alcohol Testing provides the benefits of a drug free workplace without the headache of sending employees offsite to a lab.  Our drug and alcohol testing services are conducted onsite by Certified and Experienced Drug and Alcohol testers to minimise downtime. We provide a wide range of drug testing services that enable you to screen out new employees who use drugs, discourage current employees from using drugs and identify those who do, whilst maintaining compliance with OHS Regulations.

Drug And Alcohol Testing Includes:

For Instant Drug Screening, JTA uses a multi drug 6 Panel testing kit which tests for Illicit Drugs such as:

Alcohol testing is conducted using a hand-held alcohol breathalyzer certified to Australian Standard AS3547:1997

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The Benefits

Your Duty In Workplace Drug And Alcohol Testing

Employers have a responsibility under health and safety legislation to provide a safe working environment for all employees, contractors and visitors. This includes a workplace which is free from drugs and alcohol. You can legally conduct workplace drug and alcohol testing; however, it is important to have a drug and alcohol policy in place prior to introducing testing, as well as ensuring that employees are educated on the terms of the company's policies and procedures and are aware that testing will take place.



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