All testing is carried out according to strict COVID-19 protocols.

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In these difficult and challenging times, it is important to work together to keep people and businesses safe and ready to hit the ground running at the end of the COVID-19 crisis.

In light of this, we offer the following COVID-19 related services:

1. Flu Vaccinations

JTA are still delivering on site Flu Vaccinations. The vaccine has just become available and demand is looking like being very high. In the current environment, flu jabs make sense to prevent doubling up on COVID-19 and the flu, or flu symptoms triggering the anxiety, inconvenience and disruption of 14 days self-isolation. Some of our clients are getting their staff to return to work on the scheduled day and we are able to deliver the service in the carpark if required. Book now to avoid missing out.

2. Corporate Health Checks

Our Health Professionals can conduct Corporate Health Checks to ensure your workplace and workforce is safe.  Health monitoring for your team, especially those at risk will include: 

Private results will be provided on the spot, including the patient’s level of risk for developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease and advice and training provided.

3. Temperature Screening

Random temperature screening and remote checks can be provided throughout the day to ensure your workplace remains safe for everyone.

4. Working From Home

Done well, working from home can increase productivity, reduce operating costs and improve work life balance.  If the transition of office based to home based work is not managed correctly, workers can lose contact, motivation and the level of communication required to support meaningful and productive work.  

JTA can assist with setting up and managing the transition to home based work including:

However, some home workplaces are not as safe as they need to be to meet OHS/WHS regulations. Our specialists will look at meeting your requirements under the OHS regulations:

5. OHS Compliance Obligations 

If your business has slowed down or your buildings are empty, this may be a good time to minimise disruption and conduct some of your compliance obligations. For example - asbestos audits, environmental noise assessments, building acoustics or even audiometric testing (in our safe, on-site mobile units) to name a few.

6. Online Training

We can conduct online training that workers at home can participate in via a web platform.  The government acknowledges there will mental health issues due to isolation and working from home so we can assist with Skype training or sessions on Mindfulness, in addition to our normal range of training programs such as Asbestos Awareness, Noise Awareness or COVID Awareness.

7. Preparing For The Future

It makes sense to get your housekeeping in order and be ready for when business gets back to normal. It’s the perfect time to be conducting desktop audits of OHS Management System documents, policies and procedures and we can do these for you remotely. They should include infection control and plans to return to work

As OHS specialists JTA are experienced in delivering services with a focus on safety.  Our team are trained and familiar with prevention of personal exposure and cross contamination. The principles of controlling exposure to COVID-19 are similar to asbestos and mould which we have been doing for over 30 years.

Our consultants will be taking all the necessary precautions on and off site.  The team will be increasing hygiene measures and PPE to safely perform site visits including the use of gloves, P2 respiratory protection, overalls and face shields where required.


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