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The deadly Grenfell tower fire in London is a grim warning for Australia. In October 2017, Four Corners revealed that Australian suppliers were aware of the risks associated with using polyethylene (PE) cladding on high-rise buildings, but they continued to import and sell it. Then on the 1 December 2017 the Victorian Cladding Taskforce released an interim report with tough recommendations. Could your building be at risk?

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade has advised that reliable data shows there are more than 5,000 buildings just in Victoria with non-compliant cladding, including apartments, hotels and hospitals.

How JTA Can Help

To protect the people working and living in these buildings, and meet all legal requirements, it's important to get the right advice to properly navigate this highly regulated area.  JTA's highly skilled Consultants can help you identify combustible cladding risks that may compromise a building's fire safety.

An External Cladding Assessment Includes:

Our External Cladding Assessment can be commissioned on its own or in conjunction with an Asbestos or Hazardous Materials Audit

The Benefits

Your Duty in Relation to External Cladding

Combustible cladding is such an issue that the Government is taking action as part of the most significant overhaul of the building sector in decades. It is going to prevent the use of combustible cladding in future. It’s also giving the Victorian Building Authority the tools it needs to complete an unprecedented audit and will crack down on those who flout the rules.

If you have a building built after 2000 it could be clad with an aluminium polyethylene (PE) core which is potentially highly flammable. We recommend that you have the building assessed to determine if it contains any dangerous cladding and the level of risk that presents.


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