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Acoustic Design at the Bundoora Fire Station for the Metropolitan Fire Brigade

About the Company

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB)
The Metropolitan Fire Brigade provides services to almost 3 million Melbourne residents, workers and visitors in the metro region, safeguarding lives, assets and infrastructure.

The Problem

The MFB were planning an upgrade to the Bundoora Station, including the construction of a new office and sleeping areas. They were concerned that noise levels within their new buildings would be too high due to the major road adjacent to the site.

The Solution

Acoustic Performance Testing and a Traffic Noise Intrusion Assessment
JTA were consulted to provide design and construction recommendations to ensure internal acoustics were kept within the client’s expectations. We conducted acoustic performance testing of the building structure, along with a traffic intrusion noise assessment that took into account relevant guidelines and legislation. From these tests, we were able to develop specific design criteria to minimise noise, with detailed advice on suitable façade, glazing, doors and mechanical ventilation.

How JTA Solved the Problem

Project Benefits to the Business

Why Choose JTA?

At JTA Health, Safety and Noise Specialists we work to find practical and compliant solutions for the health and safety of your workplace. We’ve been in the business for 30 years, managing the occupational health, safety and noise compliance requirements for businesses large and small. We offer complete occupational safety management strategies, working across a broad variety of services with professional and qualified specialists to cover all bases.