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Mould Assessments

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Mould Assessments

Trusted by businesses for over 35 years, JTA’s highly skilled Occupational Hygienists will provide a detailed mould assessment for your workplace. Mould is a threat to indoor air quality and a fast-growing health concern. Mould growth can also threaten the structural integrity of buildings, especially where there has been water damage due to extreme weather conditions.


How JTA Can Help

Our Mould Assessment protects the health of your workers from compromised indoor air quality and safeguards your buildings from major damage. We have expert Occupational Hygienists who are highly experienced and knowledgeable in identifying and managing mould and moisture problems and will provide long term solutions.

A Mould Assessment Includes:

The Benefits

Your Duty In Relation To Mould

Whilst WHS/OHS legislation can vary significantly between Australian States and Territories, the bottom line is that employers have a responsibility to eliminate or minimise health and safety risks to their employees. Taking the necessary steps to create a safe workplace will maximise staff productivity while minimising the spread of sickness and disease.


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