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The construction industry is changing.  Legislative requirements are tightening and we are seeing increased enforcement and community expectations for OHS/WHS and environmental compliance. JTA has been providing construction services for over 35 years for both major and smaller projects. 

Construction Services

Construction Issues

Safe Work Australia tells us that in spite of significant reductions in recent years, construction remains one of the highest risk industries with 35 serious claims each day. The main injuries are body stressing, falls, trips and slips, and being hit by moving objects. The main causes of fatality are falls from a height, vehicle incidents and contact with electricity.   

Compliance Issues

We have developed a detailed understanding of construction compliance requirements and offer practical, economical solutions.  Our wide range of WHS/OHS and environmental services are based on scientific risk assessment designed to meet compliance requirements. We can also consult and communicate with key authorities and local stakeholders to prevent and manage objections and complaints.

Specific Services For Construction

Construction OHS/WHS and Environmental Management Systems

JTA offers injury prevention services from works planning to completion including; 


Asbestos is the most comprehensively regulated hazardous material and is a regular disruptor of construction projects. The tight deadlines associated with construction and high cost of delays demands professional, experienced advice. We deliver cost effective solutions for enclosure and encapsulation, and procedures for safe work practices where materials remain in the workplace.  Our experienced consultants can provide:

Hazardous Substances/Chemicals and Wastes

We have seen major construction delays from Hazardous Materials and emissions increase exponentially.  Based on our experience issues can include:

Environmental Monitoring

Minimizing the impact your works have on the surrounding residents is often a legislated requirement and essential for your brand reputation. JTA’s experienced team of professionals is here to help with environmental monitoring for Asbestos, Silica Lead and other Dusts, Noise, Vibration and Water Quality. We are also experienced in contaminated soil projects, including Asbestos. 

Noise and Vibration

Construction noise needs to be carefully controlled. Our Noise and Vibration Modelling will determine compliance requirements before, during and after construction. We also provide Noise and Vibration Monitoring to verify compliance during projects whilst our Building Acoustic testing and design will predict, diagnose and solve your building and room acoustic issues.

Occupational Health and Safety

For demolition works or restoration projects, air monitoring may be required to ensure your employees are not at risk of exceeding exposure standards for a range of hazardous materials, including asbestos. JTA can help with a comprehensive range of services that include Asbestos Air Monitoring, Crystalline Silica Monitoring and External Cladding Assessments.

Worker Health

Healthy workers are productive workers. Our comprehensive range of services will ensure you meet all requirements and have a healthy team on site. We can cover everything including Audiometric Testing, Spirometry, Drug and Alcohol Testing and Flu Vaccinations

JTA NATA Accredited Lab

JTA has a NATA Accredited Lab (accreditation no. 20384). Our lab is NATA accredited for the analysis of airborne asbestos and synthetic mineral fibre. Having a fully operational, in-house NATA Accredited Testing Laboratory means that we can offer you fast, accurate and confidential analytical results from the lab at our office or, for larger projects, we are able to set up a field lab at the worksite.

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