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Screening Audiometry Training

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Screening Audiometry Training

JTA has been providing comprehensive screening audiometric training for more than 35 years. Getting staff qualified to perform in-house hearing tests could save your company both time and money. Our screening audiometry training will enable you to conduct accurate, reliable hearing tests in-house that meet legislative requirements.

Screening Audiometry Training

Screening Audiometry Courses Dates

How JTA Can Help

Our highly qualified and experienced Acoustic Specialists, and Audiometric Testers and Trainers, provide practical and hands-on training to ensure that you’ll feel competent and confident to conduct accurate and legislative compliant audiometric testing on your own.

Our Screening Audiometry Training meets the competency requirements for Audiometrists as outlined in:

Our Screening Audiometry Training Covers:

The two day training will be in the form of lectures, participation and practical sessions.
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