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Crystalline Silica Monitoring

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Crystalline Silica Monitoring

The Occupational Health and Safety Amendment (Crystalline Silica) Regulations 2019 were introduced to protect workers from excessive exposure to fine (respirable) Crystalline Silica dust and the risk of silicosis, the potentially deadly health condition.


How JTA Can Help

Crystalline Silica is a risk to health when respirable dust is generated, becomes airborne and is inhaled. The assessment of health risk is a critical part of determining the need for and level of control required to make the products and processes safe and prevent exposures capable of triggering silicosis.  JTA’s experienced and skilled Occupational Hygienists can conduct air monitoring using specialised equipment which separates the fine particles of interest from other dusts.  The samples are then analysed to identify the concentration of Crystalline Silica in the collected dust enabling us to measure the concentration of respirable silica in a workers’ breathing zone, identify high risk exposures and advise on suitable, effective, practicable controls.

Watch an ABC report on the hazards of Silica Dust that hits home.
(Story begins at 11.02 minute mark on 7.30 Report -16.9.2019)

Crystalline Silica Monitoring Includes:

The Benefits

Your Duty In Relation To Crystalline Silica

Since August 2019, OHS regulations prohibit the cutting, grinding and abrasive polishing of engineered stone with power tools, without engineering controls and respiratory protection equipment (RPE).   RPE must be provided to workers cutting, grinding or abrasively polishing engineered stone with a power tool unless the process is automated and exposures are below the exposure standard. Employers and others in positions of authority also have a duty to ensure the workplace exposure standard for Crystalline Silica is not exceeded and to provide regular health monitoring to workers where the exposure standard could be exceeded.

Crystalline Silica is found in many other products and WorkSafe Victoria have issued several warnings including the following (summarised) points:


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