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Health and Safety Centre

For over 35 years JTA has been providing health and safety audits for businesses across Australia. With expertise in health, safety and noise regulations & requirements, we can help your business maintain compliance with your local laws.

Read the following articles for information on JTA services.

Asbestos Services

NATA Asbestos Air Testing Asbestos Audits
Asbestos Inspection Indoor Air Quality Testing
National Asbestos Register Asbestos Management Plan
Identifying Asbestos Asbestos Air Monitoring
Asbestos Awareness Training Course Asbestos Testing Services
Asbestos Clearance Certificate Asbestos Report and Survey
Div 5 Asbestos Audit Division 6 Asbestos Audit
Air Testing After Asbestos Removal How to Test for Asbestos in the Air
Asbestos Building Inspector and Report Part 6 Asbestos Audit
Part 5 Asbestos Audit Division 5 Asbestos Audit
Div 6 Asbestos Audit  

OHS / WHS Services

OHS Legislation Australia Occupational Hygiene Services
OHS Audit Report Occupational Health and Safety
OHS Regulations OHS Management System
Workplace OHS Plan Workplace Health and Safety
OHS Contractor Audits Health and Safety Legislation and Regulations
WHS Management System Compliance Audit
Industrial Hygienist OHS Safety Consultant
Health and Safety Management Risk Management in the Workplace

Hazardous Services

Hazardous Materials Assessment Hazardous Chemicals Storage
Hazardous Substances Assessment Chemical Hazard Safety
Chemical and Hazard Risk Assessment Hazmat Report and Survey
Mould Inspection Hazardous Materials Register & Survey Report

Noise Services

Acoustic Noise Consultant Noise Regulations
Noise in the Workplace Acoustic Report Cost
Acceptable Noise Levels at Work Noise Monitor
National Standard for Occupational Noise Airport Noise Monitoring
Environmental Noise and Protection Audiometry Training Courses
Audiometric Testing Requirements Mobile Hearing Testing
Noise Level Measurement  

Other Services

Traffic Management Plan Spirometry Test
Dangerous Goods Regulations Manual Handling Training
Demolition Report & Inspection Air Quality Testing
Risks in the Workplace Heat Stress Management in the Workplace
Lung Function Test Manual Handling Hazards and Injuries
Vibration Analysis and Monitoring Safety Management System
Contractor Management Company Safe Manual Handling Practices
Ergonomics in the Workplace  
Demo Report and Register  
Workplace and Corporate Health Checks  

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