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For more than 35 years, manufacturing companies of all sizes have relied on JTA to minimise their risk exposure and help them to comply with WHS/OHS regulations. We offer a range of manufacturing services that cover practical compliance advice, on-site testing and assessments. 

Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing Issues

Traditionally, the manufacturing industry has been associated with high risk work.  Whilst the type of risks have changed dramatically over the years, manufacturing still has the fourth highest proportion of fatalities according to industry type. Inherent risks associated with working in the manufacturing industry include: injuries from dangerous machinery and equipment, strain from repetitive tasks, exposure to dangerous goods or hazardous substances, injuries from lifting, pushing and pulling heavy loads, handling heavy tools and equipment, being hit by moving objects like forklifts, noisy machinery and slips, trips and falls.

Compliance Issues

Our experienced professionals can assess your workplace and work practices for compliance with the regulations. They regularly review legislation to keep abreast of changes. With over 35 years’ experience, we provide up to date, effective advice on compliance requirements and available controls to assist you to meet your compliance obligations. 

Specific Services For Manufacturing

Asbestos Hazardous Substances and Dangerous Goods

Asbestos is the most highly regulated hazardous material and the regulations are complex and comprehensive.  JTA has spent over 35 years working through the regulations and checking specific points with the authorities. This enables us to provide cost effective compliance options for removal, enclosure, and encapsulation following an Asbestos Audit and to recommend safe work practices where materials remain in the workplace. 

We have experts in Hazardous Chemical storage and handling who can provide advice on economical compliance options for flammable, corrosive, oxidizing and even radiation hazards.  

Our comprehensive services include Indoor Air Monitoring to assess airborne chemical hazards such as dusts, mists, fumes and vapors.  We also have experience with welding fumes, crystalline silica, diesel emissions, oil mist, acid and alkaline mists, and volatile organic compounds. 


Noise induced deafness remains an insidious and significant occupational disability which is readily prevented at a reasonable cost. Workplaces where exposures exceed the standard (an equivalent eight hour exposure of 85dB (A)) must be provided with an Occupational Noise Assessment at least every five years.  

The assessment must be accompanied by Audiometric Testing to monitor worker’s hearing for noise related deafness every two years. All our hearing tests are performed onsite and inside our mobile units, ensuring minimal downtime and disruption to your operation.

JTA has taken the next step in leading the industry by incorporating state of the art dosimetry equipment into our noise assessments. These new dosimeters can do all of the functions standard dosimeters can but with some valuable extra capabilities such as recording octave band data, audio, high vibration levels, statistical noise levels and all while being intrinsically safe. 

Your Occupational Noise Obligations

Our Occupational Noise Obligations flowchart provides a quick, and easy to use, one page guide to what you need to do to comply with occupational noise requirements under OHS/WHS regulations around Australia.


JTA’s experience includes comprehensive Vibration Assessments of buildings, machinery and plants. We believe it’s essential to identify and understand the root-causes of excessive noise and vibrations to be able to find the most effective solutions for you. Our state of the art noise and vibration monitoring equipment allows us to identify excessive vibrations and provide you with pragmatic recommendations for how to reduce their impact.  

JTA NATA Accredited Lab

JTA has a NATA Accredited Lab (accreditation no. 20384). Our lab is NATA accredited for the analysis of airborne asbestos and synthetic mineral fibre. Having a fully operational, in-house NATA Accredited Testing Laboratory means that we can offer you fast, accurate and confidential analytical results from the lab at our office or, for larger projects, we can set up an onsite field laboratory.

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