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Environmental Noise Assessments

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Environmental Noise Assessments

JTA are specialists in environmental noise and we can assist with planning, licence and permit conditions with regard to noise, as well as provide expert advice in noise control. Our consultants will help you navigate the requirements you may have from the EPA, council or legislation to meet environmental noise conditions.

Environmental Noise Monitor

How JTA Can Help

An environmental noise assessment will allow you to gain a deep understanding of your environmental impact on the local community, identify and help manage problematic noise levels, and meet statutory requirements. As recognised specialists in the area of noise and acoustics, we have expert Acoustic Consultants who are highly qualified and experienced in the measurement and management of environmental noise.

Measurements can be short-term with one of our Acoustic Consultants present, long-term with continuous noise monitoring, or predictive utilising state of the art computer based noise modelling during the planning stage.

Your Duty in Relation to Environmental Noise Assessments

The impact environmental noise has on people depends on the noise level, the noise characteristics and how it is perceived by the person affected by it. Environmental noise legislation, designed to protect the community from exposure to unacceptable noise levels, varies significantly between Australian States and Territories. An Environmental Noise Assessment can ensure you comply with all relevant regulations, council requirements and EPA policies and guidelines. By meeting these requirements, the likelihood of community complaints from neighbours will also be minimised.

To help you navigate which regulations, policies or guidelines your facility falls under, we have listed the main tools utilised by Responsible Authorities to assess environmental noise emissions in each state. Click here to view.

An Environmental Noise Assessment Includes:




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