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Meth Lab Testing

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Meth Lab Testing

JTA’s team of experienced Occupational Hygienists are experts in meth lab testing. The clean-up of former drug labs are governed by strict guidelines and can incur significant penalties if not professionally assessed and remediated. JTA acts as an independent third party to make sure that your property is safe and can be occupied again. 

Clandestine Drug Labs Assessments

How JTA Can Help

JTA carry out a thorough assessment in accordance with the Clandestine Drug Laboratory guidelines 2011 to ensure you meet the obligations under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 (PHWA) (Vic). Under the PHWA it is an offence to knowingly allow a nuisance to exist on, or emanate from, land.  Land owners must abate this nuisance, or they will be liable to face criminal prosecution. 

Our team of experienced Occupational Hygienists act as a third party, independent of the remediation process, ensuring value for money and that the cleaning is done to a level where the site can safely be re-occupied.

We can provide a pre-remediation assessment to streamline the clean-up process or a post-remediation assessment to verify that your property is clean.

Our Meth Lab Assessment Includes:

The Benefits

Your Duty In Relation To Meth Lab Testing

Property owners are responsible for the remediation of the clandestine lab site and associated costs. If your property is identified as a clandestine drug lab, it is a requirement by law, and therefore your responsibility, to ensure that an assessment of contamination has occurred and proper and appropriate remediation is carried out. Significant penalties do exist for those who don't remediate their properties after they have been used as a Meth Lab.


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