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Noise Awareness Training

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Noise Awareness Training

As a leading provider of noise related services we have expert Acoustic Consultants and Occupational Hygienists who are highly qualified and experienced in the measurement and management of occupational noise. They utilise this experience to deliver our Noise Awareness Training.


Noise Awareness Training will provide your staff with an understanding of why noise can be harmful and how hearing protection and noise controls can reduce the risks. Our practical and informative training course can be customised to meet your workplace needs and use real situations, incidents and photos from your workplace.

Delivery Method

Our Noise Awareness Training is delivered onsite (face to face).

What We’ll Cover

Our training is designed to cover the regulatory requirements relating to noise training and is based on the training program outlined in AS/NZS 1269.3:2005 Occupational Noise Management, Part 3: Hearing Protector Program. We’ll cover the following topics: 

Target Audience

All employees exposed to loud or continuous noise and their managers


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