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Construction Noise And Vibration

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Construction Noise And Vibration

JTA has been at the forefront of helping companies understand acceptable levels of noise and vibration at construction sites and how to reduce their impact at sensitive locations. We make the process easy, responsive and clear so that you can make informed decisions about your projects.

Construction Noise Vibration Construction and Noise Vibration

How JTA Can Help

JTA has completed construction noise and vibration monitoring for various projects including heritage listed theatres, rail and platform infrastructure as part of the Melbourne Metro Tunnel Project, tunnel infrastructure under traffic and rail, the Level Crossing Removal Project rail, demolition and piling in metro areas as well as more standard construction projects.

Through our experience we have helped companies navigate their environmental impact requirements as well as developed strategies to manage and reduce their impact at sensitive uses. Importantly, through computer noise modelling, we assist our clients to understand their predicted impact before works commence so the community can be engaged much sooner which results in less complaints. It also allows mitigation strategies to be implemented before the works commence.

Your Duty in Relation to Construction Noise and Vibration

Councils and the Environmental Protection Authority require companies to manage noise and vibration from excavation, demolition and construction sites in our major cities, so having an understanding of current or proposed impacts is vital in reducing the risk of exceeding any relevant criteria.

The use of heavy machinery during a project is expected to cause some noise and vibration levels above pre-existing levels. However, it is important to understand if these levels are unreasonable or exceed project specific criteria. JTA can determine practical solutions to reduce the impact of noise and vibration in order to achieve project environmental goals.

Measuring Construction Noise and Vibration

To determine if projects meet relevant requirements, we use a combination of state-of-the art noise and vibration monitoring equipment, sound prediction computer modelling and our experience and expertise.

We know that for sensitive projects such as those near residents, heritage listed buildings or critical infrastructure, it is important to be notified immediately if levels are too high. To provide the quickest response time, we send alerts instantly via text or email if levels exceed set criteria at a particular location. If needed, we can also set up visual and audible alarms to let the workers on the ground know straight away if levels are exceeded, so there is no delay if works are required to be stopped and rethought.

In addition, we provide access to a project online portal where the live and past measured levels are presented for your project and are accessible at any time. These features are all included in our standard construction noise and vibration monitoring service, so you don’t have to pay extra when we use these systems on a project.

As specialists in construction noise & vibration monitoring and assessments, we can assist you with:



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