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Workplace Health Checks

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Workplace Health Checks

JTA has been helping businesses improve their employees’ health and productivity for more than 35 years. Our on-site Workplace Health Checks are carried out by JTA’s experienced, accredited and qualified nurses. We help you to identify health risks early and improve the health of both your employees and the organisation.

Workplace Health Checks

How JTA Can Help

Conducted onsite and at a time that suits both your business and employees, our Workplace Health Checks are strictly confidential and conducted one on one. The initial consultation is followed up by annual health checks which allow us to monitor progress over time and provide relevant information as required.

Our 3 Step Workplace Health Check:

The program commences with an initial health check that gives employees a comprehensive understanding of their current health. They each receive a results and information booklet together with advice about how to make sustainable changes to improve their health and lifestyle.
This is followed up by an annual health check which allows us to monitor progress over time and provide relevant information as required.

Step 1:

Employees are given a questionnaire to complete covering their exercise, diet, smoking and alcohol consumption.

Step 2:

Glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure and waist measurements are taken to determine the employee’s risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease.

Step 3:

Employees receive their results immediately and are provided with feedback and healthy lifestyle advice to aid them in making improvements.

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