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Aircraft Noise Reports

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Aircraft Noise Reports

JTA is a recognised specialist in the area of noise and acoustics. Aircraft noise reports are a requirement for new builds as well as for renovated houses and units constructed near airports. Often a condition of building approval from Council, an Aircraft Noise Intrusion Assessment will determine if the proposed construction will meet the requirements of Australian Standard AS2021:2015  Acoustics – Aircraft Noise Intrusion – Building Siting and Construction.

Environmental Noise Reports

How JTA Can Help

Our experienced and highly qualified Acoustic Consultants measure the impact of Aircraft Noise Intrusion of both commercial and residential buildings in accordance with Australian Standard AS2021 and, where needed, provide practical and cost effective noise control measures. We can help you to assess proposed building plans in order to obtain Council approval or to assess an existing building you may be thinking of purchasing.

An AS2021 Aircraft Noise Report includes:

Your Duty In Relation To Aircraft Noise Intrusion

Aircraft noise is an inevitable by-product of aircraft operations. In Australia, there are a range of legislative and other controls to manage the impact of aircraft noise. AS2021 provides an assessment of potential aircraft noise exposure around airports based on the Australian Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF) system and is widely referred to in guiding strategic land use planning in the vicinity of airports.  

We work with planners, developers, builders, property managers and owners to help you determine exactly what your requirements are when constructing buildings near airports to ensure compliance with AS2021:2015

Where We Conduct Aircraft Noise Assessments

All buildings built near major airports:


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