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Audiometric Testing Australia-wide at Alliance Airlines

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Audiometric Testing Australia-wide at Alliance Airlines

About the Company

Alliance Airlines is an air charter company providing fly-in fly-out transportation to the mining and energy sector. Alliance Airlines has bases located all around Australia in central and regional locations.

Applicable Industries

The Problem

Alliance Airlines are required to supply their staff members with audiometric testing in order to comply with the respective legislation in each Australian state. Although each state has different policies regarding this service, Alliance Airlines wanted to get the testing, data collection and storage, reporting and invoicing all done by the same company. The main challenge for JTA was to work out a cost effective solution to service Alliance Airlines’ smaller regional bases.

The Solution

JTA’s mobile service, which makes use of our health consultants located all around Australia, enabled us to complete testing and reporting for all national sites of Alliance Airlines.

How JTA Solved the Problem

Project Benefits to the Business

Why Choose JTA?

At JTA Health, Safety and Noise Specialists we work to find practical and compliant solutions for the health and safety of your workplace. We’ve been in the business for over 35 years, managing the occupational health, safety and noise compliance requirements for businesses large and small, across Australia. We offer complete occupational safety management strategies, working across a broad variety of services with professional and qualified specialists to cover all bases.