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Noise Awareness Training at  R.S Conell & Sons Pty Ltd.

About the Company

R.S Conell & Sons are a heavy construction company working on multiple sites to provide a wide variety of construction solutions.

The Problem

R.S Conell & Sons have a staff base of 20+ people of various ages. While the company provides all appropriate hearing protection and WHS requirements to staff, there were still challenges with employee adherence to these practices.

The Solution

Noise Awareness Training
JTA provided a group Noise Awareness Training session with all staff, to give them the knowledge and education they needed to make better choices and take active control of their own hearing protection.

How JTA Solved the Problem

Project Benefits to the Business


The Noise Awareness Training was an eye opener. The presenter showed us great tricks on how to wear PPE properly, explained that hearing loss is serious and irreversible, causing other health issues. We really enjoyed it and already see a positive workplace behaviour change.” – R.S Conell & Sons Pty Ltd.

Why Choose JTA?

At JTA Health, Safety and Noise Specialists we work to find practical and compliant solutions for the health and safety of your workplace. We’ve been in the business for 30 years, managing the occupational health, safety and noise compliance requirements for businesses large and small. We offer a complete occupational safety management solution, working across a broad variety of services with professional and qualified specialists to cover all bases.