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Noise Exposure at the Science and Engineering Faculty at Queensland University of Technology

About the Company

The Science and Engineering Faculty at Queensland University of Technology
One of the largest university departments in Australia, the Science and Engineering faculty at Queensland University of Technology provides research and teaching on 21 disciplines within 6 schools.

The Problem

The faculty had identified the need for a noise assessment prior to commencement of scheduled audiometric testing for their staff. They needed to know whether testing would be necessary for employees and researchers in the workshop and engine development centre. The faculty was operating on a tight timeline of 4 days within which they expected the assessment to be done and the report produced and delivered.

The Solution

Occupational Noise Assessment
JTA organised the prompt delivery of all assessment technology to the QLD office so that our consultant could assess the potentially problematic noise levels in the areas under question at QUT’s Garden Point campus. During the noise assessment, JTA’s thorough approach uncovered some additional issues that needed attention along with addressing the original occupational noise concern.

How JTA Solved the Problem

Project Benefits to the Business

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