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Traffic Management Plans for Airservices Australia

About the Company

Airservices Australia is a government owned organisationcorporation that provides airairspace management, aeronautical information, radio and navigation aids, and aviation rescue fire-fighting services. They manage 11% of the world’s airspace, including more than four million aircraft movements carrying over 140 million passengers yearly.

The Problem

Airservices Australia sought help from JTA when they identified that their forklifts and fire truck operations could potentially be a safety hazard for employees, contractors and visitors. Traffic management plans for all national Airservices Australia sites were necessary.

The Solution

Traffic Management Plans
JTA visited each site and conducted risk assessments. Traffic and storage areas were reviewed, as well as signage. Traffic management plans were created for each site; line and barrier markings, signage, mirrors and enforced speed limits were introduced to ensure greater safety for all on these sites.

How JTA Solved the Problem

Project Benefits to the Business

Why Choose JTA?

At JTA Health, Safety + Noise Specialists we work to find practical and compliant solutions for the health and safety of your workplace. We’ve been in the business for 30 years, managing the occupational health, safety and noise compliance requirements for businesses large and small, across Australia. We offer complete occupational safety management strategies, working across a broad variety of services with professional and qualified specialists to cover all bases.