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Environmental Monitoring

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Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring uses tools that identify and analyse environmental conditions to assess the impact an activity has on people and the environment. Once we understand the impact, we can recommend how to reduce or eliminate any risks and comply with regulations.

We have helped many companies navigate their environmental impact requirements as well as developed strategies to manage and reduce their impact at sensitive sites. We assist our clients to understand their predicted impact before works commence so the community can be engaged much sooner, which results in less complaints. It also allows mitigation strategies to be implemented before the works commence.

Our monitoring and assessments will provide critical data to assist with:

There are five main types of environmental monitoring: air, soil, water, waste and noise, all of which are vital in providing key information about the environment and the impact of construction, manufacturing or transport.

As recognised specialists in the area of noise and acoustics, we have vast experience in identifying, quantifying and controlling environmental noise from industrial and commercial sites, traffic, transport, music, entertainment and residential dwellings. Our state of the art noise and vibration monitoring equipment allows us to identify excessive vibrations and provide you with pragmatic recommendations on how to reduce their impact.

We can also investigate air, land, soil and waterways for potential contamination from domestic, agricultural and industrial land use.

JTA’s expert Acoustic Consultants and Occupational Hygienists are all highly qualified and experienced and are able to help you make informed decisions about your projects and ensure that you meet all legislative requirements.


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