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JTA are one of Australia’s leading workplace consultancies who offer asbestos testing services to those conducting a business. Those individuals are responsible for the management & control of asbestos containing materials (ACMs) in their workplace. By understanding each client’s needs, in regards to asbestos testing, we can provide customised advice & pragmatic recommendations to ensure you meet legislative requirements.

Asbestos Audits

With over 3,000 ACMs in Australia, it is important to assess & understand the dangers of asbestos fibres (if present) in your workplace. As an asbestos testing company, we can help you protect your workers & meet all legislative requirements, which can differ between Australian states & territories.

As experts of identifying asbestos during site inspections, we can collect samples and test these within our NATA-accredited asbestos testing lab. Upon completing an asbestos audit, we develop a risk assessment report with specific recommendations & priorities for you to control & clear asbestos (if required).

Asbestos Register

Under Australian legislation, all workplaces must have an asbestos audit completed & a register readily available on request*. As part of our asbestos testing service, we develop a register detailing the condition & location of ACMs.

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*Most Australian states require this for buildings built before December 31st 2003.


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