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With the purchase of Industrial Audiometric Services in 2004, JTA now services workplaces with audiometric testing in our mobile units. Then, in 2007, the purchases of Noise Management Services and Hearing Conservation Services of Australia has allowed us to expand our fleet of mobile audiometric testing units nationwide with the ability to also run WorkCover accredited audiometric screening courses.

Location-based Testing Requirements

Recently, there have been changes to legislation and audiometric testing requirements. As the industry experts, we are up-to-date on changes and can help you navigate these. For example, for audiometric testing in NSW, audiometric testing is mandatory for workplaces that provide personal hearing protection starting from January 1st 2017. Another requirement is audiometric testing in Melbourne and Victoria requiring employee testing at least every 2 years and within 3 months of employees commencing work. For more information on other states or territories, contact us via 1300 856 282 or download a fact sheet for more information.

Assess Workplace Noise

It has been found that long-term exposure to noise, from inside workplaces, is the primary cause of occupational deafness and hearing loss. Protect your workplace from compensation claims and disruptions to operations by getting JTA to conduct hearing tests onsite within our mobile units. To give you a better understanding of what is audiometric testing, an assessment involves the following:

  • Testing employee hearing under controlled conditions
  • Education on the importance of protective hearing equipment in the workplace
  • If required, referrals to medical or audiological clinics
  • Expert advice on workplace noise management plans & compliance with legislation
  • Confidential results for each employee

From this testing, we develop a comprehensive management report. Learn about possible report recommendations by viewing our occupational noise flowchart.

View our Occupational Noise Flowchart

Learn about Australian Testing Requirements

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