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Each year an average of 4,700 workers’ compensation claims are made in Australia for noise-induced hearing loss. This type of hearing loss is a significant problem in many workplaces but it can be prevented. A thorough and professional Occupational Noise Assessment will ensure that your workers hearing is protected from excessive noise. We have the expertise and experience to provide an independent, comprehensive assessment designed to keep your employees safe and meet all your legal obligations.

We have complied a handy flowchart that provides an overview of what you need to do to comply with occupational noise requirements under the Victorian OHS Regulations 2017.

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How JTA Can Help

Our Occupational Noise Assessment will help you ensure the health and safety of your employees exposed to noise. It will determine how loud the noise is and how long employees are exposed to it by using the latest noise monitoring equipment.  We use dosimetry as standard for all Occupational Noise Assessments as this ensures a more accurate result and less work for employers. Without dosimetry, employee noise exposures need to be calculated by determining where they are throughout their shifts.

At JTA we have expert Acoustic Consultants and Occupational Hygienists who are highly qualified and experienced in the measurement and management of occupational noise. They work together to provide you with practical and scientific based advice. We also have accredited Mine and Petroleum Noise Officers.

An Occupational Noise Assessment Includes:

The Benefits

Your Duty in Relation to Occupational Noise Assessments

As an employer you must identify, assess and control the noise risk to your employees and others. OHS/WHS Regulations stipulate that employers have a duty of care to ensure that:

Once a noise risk has been identified, you must carry out an Occupational Noise Assessment within the workplace, and every 5 years at a minimum.
Click here to see Daily Noise Exposure Limits

Follow Up Assessments

If changes are made to your workplace that can affect noise exposure, you’re required to carry out another assessment to determine how the noise risk has changed. Changes may include;


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