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There are over 3000 asbestos containing materials within Australia so, depending on the age of your buildings, it’s highly likely that they could have asbestos in them. Unfortunately, we now know that when asbestos fibres are released into the air they can cause dangerous and fatal diseases. Asbestos risk management requirements in Australia are quite stringent.  If asbestos is identified in your workplace, the results must be recorded in an asbestos register and reviewed regularly, and you must document and implement an asbestos management plan.

How JTA Can Help

To protect your workers and meet all legal requirements, it’s important to get the right advice to properly navigate this highly regulated area of occupational health and safety. JTA are experts in asbestos identification, assessment and management. We can help you identify and manage asbestos risks and certify that you are meeting all legislative requirements. We can also remind you of future review dates and other necessary actions to ensure compliance.

An Asbestos Audit Includes:

The Benefits

Your Duty in Relation to Asbestos Audits

Asbestos legislation varies between Australian States and Territories. As asbestos was used so frequently in buildings throughout Australia, the only way to rule out its presence in your workplace is to have an Asbestos Audit. All workplaces, in all states, must have an Asbestos Audit completed and a register readily available on request.  In most states there is a stipulation that this applies to buildings built before December 31st 2003, but others do not stipulate a build date.

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