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Occupational Health and Safety legislation compliance is often poorly managed in contractor relationships and exposes you to significant third party risks. By appointing a qualified, independent expert such as JTA to verify compliance for the course of the relationship with your contractor, you can ensure that they are meeting their OHS obligations and reducing the possibility of accidents, injuries and costs at your workplaces.

How JTA Can Help

In order to reduce your third party risks, we will audit and monitor your contractors’ safety compliance whilst they are working for you at your sites. Our approach includes a desktop audit of each contractor’s Safety Management documents for compliance and a site visit to ensure work practices are in compliance with the relevant OHS/WHS legislation. At JTA we have expert Occupational Hygienists and OHS specialists who are highly qualified and experienced in auditing, gap analysis and developing practical OHS Management Systems. We can make sure your contractors are compliant with all safety legislation in your State.

Contractor Management Includes:


Your Duty in Relation to Contractor Management

You have a duty of care to make sure that your business has an effective contractor management system in place. All businesses are required to ensure the health and safety of their workplaces by complying with the legislation in their State. It’s important to understand that you have the same duty of care towards contractors as you do to your employees. From a risk management point of view, it’s also critical to ensure that your contractors work safely onsite, do not introduce any unmanaged risks when undertaking the work you have engaged them for and that they understand and meet the necessary Occupational Health and Safety legislation.


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