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Acoustic Noise Consultant

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Acoustic Noise Consultant

Able to understand your needs and provide custom consultation services, JTA’s team of experts test compliance and offer pragmatic recommendations backed by scientific solutions and legislation. Each qualified acoustic consultant can provide services such as environmental noise assessments, occupational noise assessments, noise modelling, and more.

Environmental Noise - External Sources

Defined as unwanted or harmful outdoor noise, environmental noise is often created by traffic (road, rail and airport) as well as heavy industry, music venues and fitness premises. Our team of noise consultants can help you manage environmental noise issues and navigate relevant statutory requirements.

By performing assessments of noise levels, we can help you understand where you stand with regard to compliance and what may be the best path forward to cost effectively reduce noise emissions. For more information, download the Environmental Noise Assessments Fact Sheet.

Occupational Noise - Workplace Sources

By conducting a thorough occupational noise assessment, you can ensure your workers hearing is protected from excessive noise. Our noise assessment consultants are qualified specialists (or occupational hygienists) that can provide practical & scientific-based advice. Benefits of an occupational noise assessment includes:

Learn more about the impact of workplace noise by downloading the Occupational Noise Assessments Fact Sheet. Or, view our occupational noise flowchart to see if your workplace needs an assessment.

View our Occupational Noise Flowchart

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