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Chemical and Hazard Risk Assessment

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Chemical and Hazard Risk Assessment

Workplaces all have their own unique health and safety considerations, and all industries have legislation which must be complied with. JTA Health, Safety & Noise Specialists are committed to helping all businesses provide the safest possible working environment for their staff, and comply with relevant workplace legislation. A workplace risk assessment can help identify and manage risks.

Ensure your Staff are Safe

All workers have a right to go to work confident that they’re being taken care of and working in a safe environment. The governing agency; Safe Work Australia oversees compliance for all states and territories in Australia. We have over 35 years of experience in assessing workplaces and ensuring businesses fully comply with the requirement of providing a safe workplace.

Types of Assessment

We provide a range of workplace risk assessments, including:

By having a full understanding of the dangers that can impact your office, warehouse, or work-site, you can be prepared to mitigate all risks. This is the best way to keep people safe.

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