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Division 6 Asbestos Audit

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Division 6 Asbestos Audit

Once a common construction and insulation material, asbestos is now known to pose a serious health risk. A division 6 audit can help to identify and manage that risk during building refurbishment or demolition works.

With a division 6 audit from JTA Health Safety & Noise Specialists, we utilise our NATA-accredited lab for fast, accurate, and confidential results. Keep reading to learn more about division 6 hazardous materials (hazmat) and your responsibilities regarding their management.

What are your Division 6 Asbestos Responsibilities?

The only way to be sure that asbestos is not a threat during refurbishment or demolition works conducted at your premises is to have a division 6 inspection performed.

Our Division 6 Survey

When we visit your site, we will:

Asbestos sample analysis is performed in accordance with Victorian legislative requirements. An accurate report of the results of your air monitoring can be done within 24 hours!

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