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Hazardous Substances Assessment

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Hazardous Substances Assessment

Dedicated to understanding a client’s needs and providing pragmatic recommendations, JTA are one of Australia’s leading consultancies for identifying hazardous substances in the workplace. Holding certifications for quality, safety and environmental audits, our team of specialists can advise your business on the local legislative requirements around the handling anddisposal of hazardous substances and dangerous goods.

What is a Hazardous Substance?

Defined by their direct impact on health, hazardous substances are mixtures or articles that can pose a significant risk to the health and safety of nearby individuals if not managed or handled correctly.

Each hazardous mixture or article has a Class, based on their physical or chemical properties. This Class assists in the management and handling of the mixture or article. The hazardous substances classification system is:

Get a Hazardous Substances Risk Assessment

To understand the risks to your workers, business and other stakeholders, get us to conduct an on-site audit. Contact us by completing the quick enquiry form or calling us on 1300 856 282. For more information, read about our services:


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