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There are many hazards that can be present in your workplace or residential building. During maintenance, refurbishment or construction, hazardous materials can be disrupted, causing burns, skin, eye or lung irritation, and on a long-term basis, even cancer. It is therefore important to have your workplace audited by an experienced consultant prior to any structural changes taking place so that all hazardous materials are accurately identified, managed or disposed.

How JTA Can Help

There’s increasing awareness of the potential hazards arising from the use or inappropriate disposal of hazardous materials and the need for appropriate risk assessments and proactive management.
Our Hazardous Materials Audit will help reduce legal risk to your business while ensuring the health of your workers. At JTA we have expert Occupational Hygienists, highly qualified and experienced in the identification and management of hazardous building materials in the workplace.

A Hazardous Materials Audit Includes:


Your Duty in Relation to Hazardous Materials

Many hazardous materials don’t pose a risk to people’s health and wellbeing until they are damaged or exposed to air and light during renovations or demolition.  As a property owner or a ‘person conducting a business or undertaking' (PCBU) you have a legal responsibility to identify and control hazardous materials.

Common Hazardous Building Materials


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