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How to Test for Asbestos in the Air

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How to Test for Asbestos in the Air

Airborne asbestos is known health hazard and it’s your responsibility to eliminate the exposure of personnel to airborne asbestos fibre.  In addition, controlled removal and disposal of asbestos must be undertaken to maintain a safe working environment.

JTA Health Safety & Noise Specialists are one of Australia’s leading asbestos experts, with over 35 years of experience. Our asbestos auditing, testing and management services can help you fulfil your legal requirements in overseeing the safety of everyone around asbestos.

So, how can you test for asbestos in the air?

How to Test for Asbestos in the Air

Our asbestos services are conducted by qualified and trained specialists. We utilise up-to-date knowledge of how to measure asbestos in the air, as well as knowledge of the regulations and codes of practice to determine the best strategies conducting airborne asbestos fibre monitoring within your workplace, and to provide cost effective risk management strategies.

By conducting appropriate monitoring and undertaking airborne asbestos fibre analysis, we can determine the concentrations of asbestos fibre in the air. We can then confirm whether control measures in place are sufficient to provide a safe working environment.  The analysis is undertaken at the JTA NATA-accredited lab, which will quickly and discreetly process the samples and return results as required by state OHS/WHS regulations.

How Long is Asbestos in the Air?

We offer air testing and monitoring at all stages in the asbestos management process – before, during, and after clearance.

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