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As one of Australia’s leading asbestos experts for over 30 years, JTA will ensure that the appropriate asbestos air monitoring is undertaken. You can trust JTA to make sure your company’s asbestos risks are minimised and that you comply with all current regulations.

Air Monitoring

Asbestos removal work of friable ACM or any ACM in public places, requires Asbestos Air Monitoring to take place. This is to ensure that any potential asbestos fibres released into the air is contained by the control measures you have in place and doesn’t pose a risk to the health of your workforce or the general public. Importantly, Air Monitoring is also required once the removal work is completed to ensure the air is clear of fibres and a Clearance certificate issued to confirm the area is safe to re-enter.

How JTA Can Help

At JTA we have qualified and licensed Asbestos Assessors and competent persons who have extensive experience gained on residential, commercial and industrial sites. They’ll follow strict protocols and use the latest equipment to ensure your air monitoring is conducted to the highest standards. We are experts in asbestos identification, assessment and management.

Types Of Asbestos Air Monitoring

Exposure Monitoring
Assesses airborne asbestos fibres in occupational environments to estimate workers exposure

Control Monitoring
Assesses the effectiveness of control measures whilst asbestos removal is underway

Clearance Monitoring
Assesses the level of airborne asbestos fibres in an area following work or removal of asbestos containing materials

The Benefits

Your Duty In Relation To Asbestos Air Monitoring

If you are having Class A asbestos (Friable) removed you must have an independent, Asbestos Assessor carry out air monitoring. If you are having non-friable asbestos removed, you’re not legally required to conduct air monitoring but it is recommended that you have a ‘competent person’ conduct some air monitoring. All tests must be undertaken in accordance with regulations set out by SafeWork Australia and the relevant State legislation. The results of Asbestos Air Monitoring are required to be reported on the clearance certificate that is issued at the completion of the removal work.
Click here to learn more about an Asbestos Clearance Certificate that you’ll require following Air Monitoring.


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