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Noise Regulations

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Noise Regulations

Recognized as one of Australia’s leading independent workplace consultancies, JTA are up-to-date on the latest noise regulations across states, territories & the nation. Our acoustic consultants and occupational hygienists are experienced specialists that can help you meet all the health and safety noise regulations at your workplace.

Occupational Noise Regulations

Your responsibility, as an employer, is that you must identify, assess & control the noise risk to your employees The OSHA noise regulations state that:

Learn how you can stay in control of the noise regulations by:

Download a Noise Regulations Flowchart.

For an overview of noise regulations in Victoria, view our noise regulations flowchart. This flowchart details which needs to occur and the control measures which must be in place & how often an assessment is required. To download the flowchart, simply provide your name & email address.


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