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OHS Legislation Australia

At JTA, we are focused on developing long-term relationships with clients to ensure they comply with OHS legislation in Australia. Committed to continuously improving our services, we are accredited across quality, safety, and environmental standards to meet regulatory requirements.

Compliance Audits for OHS

To understand today’s highly regulated health and safety regulations, it is recommended to get highly qualified occupational hygienists to conduct regular OHS compliance audits. We can help you identify strengths and weaknesses within your business to ensure that you meet OHS legislation & follow the best practices.

Our tailored OHS management system provides organisations with a framework of plans & procedures to manage the health and safety of their workplace. Reduce your risk for employee compensation claims, and potential penalties or prosecution, by having us assess your workplace and ensure your OHS compliance.

Long-Term OHS Management

For long-term & sustainable management of OHS compliance and your workplace, we have qualified specialists that can undertake secondments & outsourcing for you. This qualified specialist can work onsite for an agreed period of time or project length (secondment), or work offsite for an agreed number of hours per month (outsourcing).

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