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An OHS Management System is a framework of plans, actions and procedures used to systematically manage the health and safety function in an organisation. It will influence the occupational health and safety performance of your business and relies on a systemic process of continuous improvement to be truly successful.

A consistent and considered approach reduces the likelihood of mistakes and the cost of correcting problems. It also reduces the level of risk and ensures that you comply with laws. Overall, it makes managing your business easier and more effective.

How JTA Can Help

An OHS Management System implemented by JTA will have beneficial effects on the health and safety performance of your business. In the short-term, you’ll see improvements during the implementation process and, in the long-term, from the system of continuous improvement employed.
At JTA we have expert Occupational Hygienists who are highly qualified and experienced in the development of practical OHS Management Systems and who can make sure you are compliant with all the safety legislation in your State.

Key Elements Of An OHS Management System

At JTA we have helped large and small organisations from many different industries develop an OHS management system that clearly detailed:


Your Duty in Relation to OHS Management Systems

All businesses are required to ensure the health and safety of their workers and workplaces by complying with the legislation in their State. An OHS/WHS management system is the framework you can use to achieve this and to demonstrate your due diligence to the process. The Model WHS Regulations promote continuous improvement and progressively higher standards of work health and safety. When developing or implementing an OHS/WHS management system, it’s important to know the legislative requirements in the States/Territories you operate in.


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