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Committed to helping Australian businesses meet safety legislation, JTA’s team of specialists can identify risks in the workplace & help develop and implement management systems. Protect your workers from potential hazards by improving the health & safety of your workplace with a range of our consulting services.

Conduct a Workplace Risk Assessment

Meet your duty of providing a safe work environment by eliminating or minimising risks with a plant risk assessment. This involves assessing various plant hazards, including any mechanical, electrical, noise, ergonomic, operational, or other equipment & processes. Each OHS / WHS risk assessment includes:

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Receive Training with a Manual Handling Risk Assessment

Protect your workers from musculoskeletal injuries caused by lifting, pushing, pulling or bending with incorrect form, repetitive actions or sustained postures. With a manual handling risk assessment, a JTA Occupational Hygienist can identify physical & environmental hazards then provide relevant training.

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