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In recent years there have been numerous fatalities involving the collapse of masonry structures. Masonry structure failures have occurred at a range of workplaces including residential and commercial construction and demolition sites. In each instance a change had occurred such as recent construction, recent demolition or the addition of extra load.

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on 11 Aug 2014 4:12 PM

It is hard to associate a name like Mr Fluffy with something as sinister as asbestos. Mr Fluffy was the trading name of the company responsible for insulating over 1000 ACT homes with a highly friable form of crocidolite (blue) asbestos – the most toxic form of asbestos.

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on 02 Jun 2014 1:48 PM

Having spent a bit of time working offshore as an OHS/WHS "ring in" on various vessels, including small and medium sized ships and various platforms and rigs it is my experience that TVs can be a toxic presence for people, like me, that do not know anyone on board particularly well.

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on 25 Feb 2014 10:00 PM

A recent incident in the UK leading to a prosecution emphasizes the stark contrast between OHS/WHS "Haves" and "Have-Nots" – organisations that systematically and effectively manage and resource OHS/WHS and those that do not. Which one are you?

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on 03 Dec 2013 10:20 AM

OHS/WHS Regulations are complex and wide in scope encompassing asbestos, hazardous substances, noise, plant and high risk work.

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on 14 Oct 2013 7:25 AM

The Telstra "debacle" has put the asbestos debate back into the news with comments by Malcolm Turnbull, the opposition communications spokesperson,and $10.5 million pledged for asbestos protection by the Federal Government as reported in The Age on 19th June.

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on 26 Aug 2013 6:20 AM