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Around The Globe With Jeremy

on 28 Oct 2019 12:10 PM
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Jeremy Trotman, JTA founder and principal Occupational Hygienist, recently collaborated with two other Australian Occupational Hygienists to run a full day Noise workshop at the 4th Indonesian Industrial Hygiene Association Conference (IIHA) in Bali. Our Indonesian colleagues are facing major challenges in improving worker health and Jeremy said “It was most rewarding to be able to assist them a little bit with assessing and controlling noise, which remains one of the greatest causes of industrial injury here in Australia and no doubt other countries as well.”

The IIHA conference, held in Bali from 9-11th September 2019 attracted many regional and international participants.  It brought together industrial hygiene experts, practitioners and academics, as well as health and safety goods and services companies to share knowledge, experience, and expertise. The theme of the conference was “Strengthening the Professionalism of Industrial Hygienists”

Jeremy, together with Carey Murphy and Venessa Thelan, presented a one day workshop on the topics of noise measurement + assessment and introduction to industrial screening audiometry covering the following areas:

The workshop was by all accounts a big success with a high level of participation. The practical sessions in which participants measured, assessed and developed control strategies for several noise sources were particularly well received.

Indonesia has a growing industrial sector and their interest in OHS is also growing rapidly. The workshop was one of many activities in which Australian professionals are engaging with our northern neighbours to pass on skills, knowledge and experience to improve worker safety.  

The Aussies and other expats were treated to an Indonesian feast and Balinese dancing as well as personal sarongs for their efforts.  

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