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Audiometric Testing: COVID No Excuse For Non-Compliance

on 09 Sep 2020 1:15 PM
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We understand how unpredictable and busy your working life is at the moment. COVID has certainly changed the landscape.

However, the safety of your workers isn’t an area to compromise. Recently, some clients postponed their scheduled Audiometric Testing. We wanted to make sure that this wouldn’t cause them any problems so got in touch with WorkSafe Victoria.

Guidance from WorkSafe Victoria

In answer to our question about Audiometric Testing deadlines, WorkSafe Victoria replied:
“There will be some leniency on these time frames due to Covid-19 and the access to testing services, however it is still expected that the employer does everything they can to ensure they stay compliant.”

COVID or no COVID, you are still required to provide a safe work place in terms of noise and WorkSafe still expect compliance with relevant legislation and regulations as normal. In fact, WorkSafe is still visiting sites and issuing fines so you have no room for complacency.

Audiometric Testing Regulations

Here’s a reminder about the regulations in relation to Audiometric Testing for any employee who is required to wear hearing projection as part of their work:

For more information about regulations, download our Occupational Noise Obligations flowchart.

Audiometric Testing Protocols

Our Mobile Testing Unit will visit your workplace and all testing will be conducted under strict COVID protocols. Social distancing, disinfection and masks are all strictly adhered to. 


Don’t risk your workers safety or a fine due to non-compliance. Email or call us on 1 300 856 282 for a quote

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