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A Holistic Approach To Health

on 26 Nov 2021 2:35 PM

JTA has seen an increased focus from regulators, government agencies and proactive organisations in seeking out a holistic approach to worker health management. Organisations looking to conform or align to AS/NZS ISO 450001 can incorporate a Health and Hygiene Management Plan into their management system.

Health and Safety Legislation includes a range of obligations for employers to ensure the health of workers; and to provide and maintain a working environment that is safe and without risks to health including the following;

An Occupational Health and Hygiene Management Plan sets out a systematic process for the management of worker health and organisational risk and compliance.

Health and hygiene risk assessment and the determination of plans to control the risk is a specialist function recommended to be performed by an Occupational Hygienist. Often monitoring and measurement of health and hygiene hazards is conducted on an adhoc basis with Hygienists given very limited scopes and resources often not being assigned to the hazards with the greatest risk. 

What Is A Health And Hygiene Plan?

A Health and Hygiene Management Plan process sets the organisation up for effective resource allocation and improved compliance. The contents of a Health and Hygiene Plan generally includes the following:

During this process the workforce are divided into similar exposure groups (SEGs) to ensure a detailed assessment and ongoing plan which focuses resources where they are most required.

Hazards which are typically included in the assessment include Physical, Chemical, Biological and Radiological hazards as detailed below with the plan tailored to the organisation’s operations.

Health Hazards

Typical health hazards included in a Health and Hygiene Management Plan:

A skilled Hygienist will assess your workplace and work with you to understand your business and identify potential risks to your workers. By evaluating these risks and their severity, they are able to recommend an Occupational Hygiene Management Plan to maintain a safe working environment.


JTA has highly skilled Occupational Hygienists who will help you protect your employees from exposure to hazards and the risk of occupational illnesses. Read More about our Occupational Hygiene Management Plan

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