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Noise Assessments During COVID-19

on 16 Jun 2020 10:21 AM
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Exposure to noise in the workplace can induce hearing loss, which may lead to communication difficulties, social isolation, and reduced quality of life. COVID or no COVID, you are still required to provide a safe work place in terms of noise and Worksafe still expect compliance with relevant legislation and regulations as normal. In fact, WorkSafe is still visiting sites and issuing fines so you have no room for complacency. Whilst you are still required to comply with legislation and regulations, social distancing has changed the way that both Occupational and Environmental Noise Assessments have to be conducted.

Occupational Noise Assessments During COVID

Occupational Noise Assessments are still safe to be conducted at the moment; however procedures need to be adapted to account for social distancing and to ensure the safety of both your and our staff.  

What’s Changed To Accommodate Social Distancing?

Environmental Noise Assessments During COVID

The world will get back to being a much noisier place than it is at the moment, however, people are getting used to a quieter lifestyle in the meantime. 

As businesses start to gear up again to operate at full capacity, you need to identify which activities are going to cause potential environmental noise issues. Some things you should be considering are:

Construction And Sound Noise Modelling

As money flows into the construction industry to aid economic recovery, knowing what noise sources are going to be a problem can be vital to managing noise emissions, complying with regulations and minimising delays to your projects. Conducting noise modelling will:

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