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Preparing For A Post-Pandemic Workplace

on 09 Oct 2020 12:48 PM
Blog Category: Health Blog, Safety Blog

EHS Today is an American magazine that informs safety professionals on trends, management strategies, regulatory updates and daily news to help them provide safe and healthy work sites. Just over 700 safety professionals recently participated in an editorial survey.  Managers and leaders provided insight into how companies are managing the evolving business environment and what they think workplace safety will look like in a post pandemic world.


Manufacturing 33.5%
Construction 11.4%
Government 7.6% 
Oil and gas 5.8%
Medical 4.0%
Utilities 3.9%
Education 3.7%
Research/Technology 2.6%
Agriculture 1.4%
Mining 1.0%
Retail 1.0%
Other 24.1%




Company Size

Over 2,500 employees 25%
100 – 2,500 employees 53%
Fewer than 100 employees 22%


What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced with implementing new procedures?

Cross functional management 22.5%
Time 19%
Staggered phases 15.2%


What are the three most important Psychological Considerations in your Return to Work strategy?

Workplace Stress/Anxiety 86%
Employee Mental Health & Wellness Programs 84%
Physical Health Programs 56%
Public Health Programs 41%


What are the three most important Physical Considerations in your Return to Work Strategy?

Disinfection Measures 76%
PPE 54%
Common Area Restrictions 53%
Workspace Requirement 39%
Temperature Monitoring 28%
Air Flow 15%


What are the three most important Process Considerations in your Return to Work strategy?

Social Distancing Protocol 66%
Deep Cleaning & Disinfection Protocols 52%
Communications  44%
Employee Training 41%
Employee Self Screening 34%


How do you think your future operations will change?

Flexible work policies including working from home 51%
Increased emphasis on industrial hygiene & occupational health 50%
Additional Policies and Controls 43%
Increased technology investment 19%


Do you feel like these measures will remain in place permanently?

Yes 71%
No 29%





An overwhelming majority of respondents (71%) believe these new safety measures will be permanent changes, not just temporary measures. As one respondent said, summarising the whole COVID-19 situation for safety leaders, “The things that are being addressed now have always been things we should have been doing anyway (hazard recognition and controls) and being more diligent in how we interact with both our environment and those around us.” 

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