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Sound Advice with JTA Noise Modelling

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Sound Advice with JTA Noise Modelling

on 18 Apr 2016 3:33 PM
Blog Category: Noise Blog


Noise modelling can be a powerful tool in assessing noise from industry facilities with a large number of noise sources.

It can accurately determine what noise sources are the main contributors to noise pollution in the surrounding environment and how the noise environment will change when problem noise sources are controlled.

From the results of noise modelling, a Noise Control Program is developed to help identify what noise sources need to be controlled and by how much to bring the facility into legally compliant noise levels.

A Noise Control Program is an ever evolving tool, with existing noise sources treated, new noise sources added, and other noise controls implemented.

Proposed additions to facilities can be modelled to determine their impact on noise sensitive receivers early in a project lifecycle, thus allowing appropriate noise controls to be designed and incorporated into the project before construction begins, eliminating the need for extensive rectification works later in the project life cycle.

At JTA we use SoundPLAN Noise Modelling, the aim of SoundPLAN modelling is to provide a comprehensive model of the site’s current and future noise emissions.

This allows our clients to look at different scenarios as to how they can treat high noise level sources and to see the benefits it would have for the overall facility.


JTA's Noise Modelling services can be used for, but is not limited to, noise impact predictions of existing and proposed projects such as:

As recognised specialists in the area of noise and acoustics, JTA have vast experience in identifying, quantifying and controlling environmental noise from industrial and commercial sites, traffic, music, entertainment as well as noise in residential dwellings.

Our team of environmental noise assessment specialists will conduct an environmental noise assessment to ensure that you meet your responsibilities under relevant environmental noise legislation and regulations.

Environment noise assessments conducted by JTA Noise are in line with the requirements of the relevant standards and policies. These assessments are performed during the day, evening or night (depending on the facilities operating periods) and require the measurement of background noise levels (i.e. without the noise source operating). Measurements can be short-term with one of our acoustic consultants present or long-term with continuous noise loggers.

We work closely with our clients to ensure we understand their needs and provide realistic and achievable solutions to best reflect the outcome they desire.

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